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about 85 miles to the southeast of cape hatteras, north carolina. they had tropical storm force conditions on the outer banks last night. it has taken a turn to the north northeast at 18 miles per hour. let's take a look at what is going to happen. it is going to move off the shore to the delmarva. you see all the clouds to the west. that is out ahead of a cold front that will push it off shore. let's take a look at the update. that up to it does verify earl speeding away affecting nantucket and then nova scotia later on. for us, things are looking great. take a look. it looks like we're going to see a nice day today. 20 degrees cooler tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. a great labor day weekend. >> i am increase with your use
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of sports terminology for in the weather. >> i do not know any sports terms. i will adjust to the traffic for you. we have went situation in ellicott city. there is a downed pole on eastbound 99 all morning. it is not causing any problems as far as backups borat delays. crews will be on the scene. just something to be aware of. otherwise, live drive times are looking good. six minutes on 95 north between 100 and the beltway. seven minutes and no delays to worry about. this is ocean city. coastal highway looking pretty quiet for this time of the morning. we switch over to a live view closer to home and things a quiet on the inner and outer loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story, hurricane
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earl drops down from a category 4 to a category 2 storm. >> is happened last night. visitors and some residents were already under an evacuation order. earl is expected to move north northeast much of today. >> even with that downgrade, hour. is preparing for the worst. >> lowell melser is live in ocean city this morning good morning. >> i hope i'm not disappoint you. i'm still wearing a short sleeve shirt. i do not have any of my rain gear on. we are about 77 degrees with a 70-degree dew point. we're pretty saturated here. we have wind out of the northeast at 15 miles per hour. if you did not know if there was a hurricane out there, you would think it was just a windy
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morning. this will change as we go into the afternoon hours. they are expecting the worst rain between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. the emergency official center was opened around 4:00 a.m. this morning to make sure that everybody was on the same page, as some flooding is expected down here. we talked emergency officials and tourists. some tourists were cutting their vacation store. sunny skies in ocean city on thursday. but this meeting which included state and local officials is evidence that is all about to change. the mayor said they are ready for earl. >> will see some things blowing around, maybe some soffits and things you see as a result of 40 mile per hour winds, but we do not think we will see anything
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dramatic. >> at the oceanfront, some tourists calling it quits, putting their vacations short. >> it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. we do not want to get caught in the rain. >> others like david smith will ride out earl. >> we think we can make it through this storm. i hope it is not as bad as ike. i think we're making the right decision. the wind should not get too bad. >> restrictions were in place all over the beach. at this stage, lifeguards are not taking any chances. they are like letting swimmers in up to their knees. experience servers can go when all the way. phones or ringing off the hook. most were wondering if they could reschedule their trips.
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>> wondered if the beaches will be open and what time they will close. they set their clothes and in north carolina. >> officials are expecting heavy winds to arrive route 5 a.m. on friday. overall, they are confident ocean city should be fined. >> we're going to get through this. we feel comfortable in the forecast. we have our plan in place and we're ready to go and to clean up quickly to get the weekend open for the rest of the visitors. >> the original forecast was to have the reins and heavier winds start to come in and around 5:00 p.m. and peaking at adm 00 am. we expect winds to be around 30 or 40 miles per hour. other than that, maybe some minor flooding and some minor
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beach erosion. that is the latest year from ocean city. we send it back to you now. >> ok. thank you. the truck continues for three men accused of killing ken harris. >> jury selection could take five days and the entire trial could take five days. jennifer franciotti joins us with the very latest. >> this is not happy news to the potential jurors. there were gasps indecorum when the judge said there were there to hear the potential ken harris murder case. this trial could take up to five weeks. potential jurors filled nearly every seat in the courtroom. this involves the murder of ken harris. and the length of time the trial could take. >> i think it will be very difficult. a lot of people are not going to
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want to sit on it. they may have heard so much about it that they are going to be excluded because they have already formed an opinion. >> charles mcganey, gary collins, and jerome williams are charged with murder in the death of ken harris. he stopped by a lounge to use a restroom. he was ambushed. one of the suspects shot harris in the back as he tried to leave the scene. the attorney for gary collins said dna can be a big issue. >> our unknown individuals involved in the dna samples concerning my client. it is not just a single source dna. is the dna of him and other people, other unknown individuals. and then what cannot be excluded
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is a number of people listed, including some of the witnesses. >> jury selection is going to be tough. nearly half of the potential jury pool said five weeks would be a hardship and they could not do it. more people said they had been a victim of a crime or they knew someone who was paired others said they needed to speak to the judge privately about their reasons to not hear the case. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 73 degrees on tv hill.
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>> welcome back. some clouds out there downtown. 79 degrees. a warm start.
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we are tracking hurricane earl. let's look at what is doing now. it is about 87 miles to this out of cape hatteras, north carolina. it is moving at 18 miles per hour. spiral bands affected kill devil hills with the heaviest rain and wind. around ocean city, some light rain starting to affect it. it is only a category 2 storm with 105 miles per hour sustained winds. only 12 miles per hour right now. those winds will likely pick up. other than that, we dodged a bullet. more on the weather coming up. >> older women are far more likely to have a baby with down's syndrome. the cause has always been a bit of a mystery. >> the key it appears to be a protein which declines as women age. >> they already have their won.
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won.she -- their did not have a test. indeed child would be precious to them. after giving birth, it was still a blow. >> when the doctor came in, his face just dropped. that may be that much stronger. you just have to cope be " the risk of having a down citrine baby rises sharply as mothers get older. by the age of 35, it rises to one in every 360 births. by 45, it is one in every 30 live births. now scientists have discovered why older women produce eggs that lead to miscarriages and
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infertility. it has to do with a genetic material in the eggs, the chromosomes' showing up as red. is not enough of a protein. >> wisp -- they struggle to align themselves before they divide. then they go in the wrong direction or the get trapped in the middle, instead of going to the left or the right. they get trapped. >> they have a piece of basic biology, figuring out what goes wrong in cells as they grow into a ghost. that is a long way from any treatment or a miscarriage or trackingity or from trucklin down syndrome. >> very interesting. 73 degrees on tv hill. coming up later, keith mills will have
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together.
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>> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. not looking too bad. there is one incident in ellicott city. there is a downed pole by waverly woods drive. there are some crews on the scene. otherwise, speed sensors show we are up to speed on the major roads. 59 on the west side of the beltway. 62 on the j.f.x., and 67 on 95 in the northeast corner. we will give a live look outside at liberty road, confirming that things look great on the inner and outer loops. at harford road, same store there. very light volume. 95 looking good as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. we are tracking >> hurricane earl. wonder 5 miles per hour sustained winds, 87 miles southeast of cape hatteras,
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north carolina -- 105 miles per hour sustained winds. they dodged a bullet on the outer banks. 74 miles per hour at nags head. not bad and is moving to the north northeast. in looks like we will get a glancing blow around ocean city. tropical storm-force winds are likely later this afternoon. nothing to have the right now at ocean city. we will resume on and around the shoreline at ocean city. it will be a loyal but turbulent today. earl will take more of an east turn later this afternoon. pretty impressive kirk is lacking a distinct eye. it had a well-defined eye early on. it is losing a little bit of punch as it moves up the east coast.
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high pressure is blocking this from moving westward. this cold front will kicked earl more to the east later this afternoon. we have cold air infection behind the cold front. we will go from temperatures in the 90's to temperatures in the mid to upper 70's for the daytime highs. it does look at 9:00 a.m., the strongest bans are trying to pull away from cape hatteras and move more to the north east. it will be parallel with ocean city around noon today. right now the tropical storm force conditions are about 200 miles from the core of this category two hurricane. it will have to new england. a coastal flood advisory was canceled. we were just above the normal wave heights. small craft advisory in effect. temperatures are in the 70's. we are expecting a high around
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90 as the front gets through here today. we are in store for a great weekend. we have the honor which will likely make landfall in bermuda to mark as a tropical storm. gaston is no longer a tropical depression. it is busy in the tropics. quiet and comfortable here. upper 70's and plenty of sunshine on saturday and sunday. on labor day, low 80's with plenty of sunshine. >> the august employment figures are due out today. >> this will give a new snapshot of the pace of recovery. kate amara joins us from our washington bureau with some details. >> economist predict an increase in the unemployment rate, saying that while the private sector likely edit 41,000 jobs last month, more temporary census
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jobs and did. investors looking for hints of the health of the economic get the results with the august unemployment numbers. >> what we want to watch is what is happening with private sector hiring. >> analysts expect to see a sharp drop in employment with the u.s. economy shedding jobs for the third month in a row. >> we believe the unemployment rate will stay elevated for a long time. >> there are some signs of strength. gains in manufacturing and consumer spending. new jobless claims from the week before. the economy is headed in the right direction. >> not as quickly as anybody would like to say. >> fueling fears a weak labor market threatening to derail the recovery. >> we need consumer spending to
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continued to raise. that will probably not happen anytime soon. abdallah said if these peace talks fail it would be a victory for terrorists. >> 73 degrees on tv hill. much more ahead -- >> including a look at your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- do you think a principal's decision to ban an off-color bracelet was an overreaction, or was it appropriate? >> keep e-mailing those responses to we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website. >> good morning, everybody. finally the preseason is over. it was over before it started
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for the ravens last night. they lose to the rams and now look ahead to their season opener against the new york jets. troy smith played the entire game. he won the heisman trophy in 2007. sam bradford won it a couple of years ago. this past sets up the first touchdown. check this play out. dannell ellerbe comes out with it and he is gone. watch the end of the play. he stops, leans over the goal line. he is taunting the rams. john harbaugh is not happy with that. you don't see that very often on nfl sidelines. i think he got the message. a good run by troy smith. he totaled 290 of the 304 total yards either by throwing or
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running. he also scored two touchdowns. rams when 27-21. the ravens and the preseason with a 3-1 record. the u.s. open tennis championships continue. a baltimore teenager has captivated new york tennis fans. beatrice capra of ellicott city upset the 18th seed aravane rezai in three sets. she is in the near court. this is the third set. pam shriver was a 16-year-old student when she made the u.s. open finals in 1978. a long way from that. she wins the set and it's the upset right here on this point. national plight maria sharapova in the third round of the -- now she will play maria sharapova as she runs down this shot.
5:57 am
let the celebration began. her mother was a big tennis player back in the day. brad ferguson almost did not get out of the inning. it started with this blast from adrian beltre. that is a rocket to left. nine batters later, it was 5-0 red sox. matt wieters to left-center. he almost runs into the wall. nick markakis, luke scott score. the red sox win 6-4. how about that beatrice? fantastic. i love that. >> it is nice to have somebody local to route 4. >> here is a look ahead. >> many will place their votes in the state primary election. we will explain. >> apple joins the online gaming
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community. >> and expansion at the national aquarium in baltimore. >> hurricane earl is now pressing the outer banks and flirting with the ocean city. we have the latest and year labor day weekend forecast.
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